This Guy Lost Over 100 Pounds Without Hitting The Gym

Logan Chapman was on a quest to get healthy, but he wasn’t much of a fan of dieting or going to the gym. That didn’t make him a slacker either! He simply found a better way to lose weight and now he’s over 100 pounds lighter. As you can imagine, this proved to be one hell of a job. Luckily, Chapman learned a few things along the way and now, the whole experience gave him a new outlook on life. He said, “Putting in the work to lose weight has also given me a sort of drive that I didn’t have before.” So how did he manage to lose weight without hitting the gym?

There Was No “Ah-ha!” Moment

Logan Chapman

30-year-old Logan Chapman from Ontario, Canada told Men’s Health that he used to live a sedentary life. “I feel like my life was probably very similar to a lot of other people who struggle with weight gain,” he explained. Chapman used to stay up all night playing video games, drinking soda and shoveling food in his mouth till 2 a.m. Eating unhealthy foods had become a part of his life, but it wasn’t an “ah-ha!” moment that pushed him to change.

It Was An Eye-Opener

Logan Chapman

Chapman explained that his life basically revolved around food.”I was a huge fan of eating very unhealthy foods and not a big fan of exercise. I led a very sedentary lifestyle. I would stay up till all hours of the night playing video games and would often be drinking cans and cans of pop and eating huge meals at two in the morning,” he said. But one day, he stepped on a scale and realized that he was inching dangerously close to 300 pounds. Being 6’3, he wasn’t usually worried about his weight being in the two-hundred-pound range. But now that he was inching towards 300, the number on the scale had become a real eye-opener.

His Friend Inspired Him

Logan Chapman

One of Chapman’s dear friends had lost 50 pounds by making better food choices and essentially working out, which motivated him to make a change in his life, too. He cut out soda drinks from his diet and lost 10 pounds quickly. He also stopped eating big meals late at night, which wasn’t as easy as it sounded.

His Biggest Challenge


Going to the gym to speed up his weight loss was like an intimidating nightmare, but he forced himself to go and he came to a conclusion he always knew in his heart: he truly disliked going to the gym. “So after forcing myself to go a few times, I slowly started to realize that I did, in fact, actually hate it,” he explained. So, Chapman decided to find another way to lose weight that didn’t include stepping foot inside a fitness center.

The Keto Diet


His wife pointed him in the direction of the keto diet, which is a low-carb diet that required him to eat lots of protein and fat. He also implemented a running routine, which allowed him to work out without hitting the gym. A year later, Chapman had managed to drop 50 pounds.

He Finally Saw Results

Logan Chapman

His love for food made this lifestyle change really difficult, and once he stopped his keto diet, eating healthy became a challenge. He wanted to remain fit, but he didn’t want to give up the foods he loved. So, Chapman decided to reach a compromise. He told himself that if he ate pizza one night, he would have to eat lighter the next day and run longer.

Healthier Goals

The progress was slow, but over the years, he achieved his new weight of 192 pounds. He realized that all it took was dedication. “This is something that is actually important to me: I want to be healthy, but I don’t want to give up on all the food that I love. So I kept exercising and just remembered that if I was going to have pizza that night, I should probably go for a longer run or eat lighter for my other meals. That sort of rationale worked out, and I kept dropping weight slowly over the next couple [of] years,” he added.

Anyone Can Do It

Logan Chapman

Now, Chapman is more self-confident and can walk into any store and find clothes that will actually fit him. Best of all? He has truly found the balance between enjoying food and actually nourishing his body while practicing portion control. He added, “Now it no longer seems that a difficult task I am faced with is impossible. Instead, now I know that all it takes is a little dedication.” So, if he can do it, so can you.