Things Most Instagram Fitness Models Don’t Want You To Know

It only takes one look for us to fall in love with the many stunning fitness models on social media. Their posts are picture perfect, so why wouldn’t we want to compare ourselves to them? They have washboard abs, flawless skin, and shiny hair. They’re the epitome of what a healthy and strong body should look like, right? Clearly, they must be doing something right. But before you hit the gym or change your diet to look like these fitness gurus, there are a few things you should know about them that they would prefer you never find out.

Those Selfies Aren’t So Spontaneous

Creating the image of a perfect life on social media is a tough job, especially when you want to make the perfect shot look spontaneous and flawless. But it can take half an hour or more and hundreds of snaps to get that spontaneous look that really delivers. So don’t feel so bad if you don’t look like a supermodel in your first fifty snaps.

They Don’t Work Out When They Claim To

So, you might have seen your favorite fitness model taking the perfect selfie of himself or herself. Most of the time they’re flexing, doing yoga, or lifting weights. But in some cases, they’ll simply get dressed in workout gear to play a role and fool you into thinking they’re working out, when in fact, they may not have worked out for days. Maybe they only went out to grab some coffee instead of going for a run like they claimed on their post.

They’re Probably Naturally Thin

Some fitness models take selfies showing themselves eating greasy and super fatty foods to prove that you can cheat on your diet every now and then and still stay thin. But we all have different bodies and metabolisms. So, while some of us need to work out in order to stay thin, others are naturally thin and don’t need to do much to stay in great shape.

They Probably Photoshop Their Photos

Don’t take everything you see on social media at face value. Some fitness models retouch their photos with Photoshop or Facetune to achieve the perfect shape. This can lead to unrealistic expectations of what followers believe is possible to achieve through fitness.

Their Detox Drinks Could Be Fake

Fitness models post photos of themselves getting ready to chug down on detox drinks, stomach-flattening teas, or celery juice. But did you know that some of them don’t actually drink or eat the products they promote? Some of the meals are so unappetizing that it would probably make them toss their cookies if they actually consumed them. But on social media, it’s all about the illusion of wellness.

The Posts Only Show Their Best Moments

A fitness models’ Instagram account shows off not only the perfect body, but also the perfect life. But we need to remember that these models have carefully picked out the photos that shows the most attractive side of themselves and their lives. So, what you’re really getting is a tiny glimpse of what they believe to be their ideal life. But there’s no way they’re going to show what they really look like or what their real lives are like 99% of the time.

Angles Make A World Of Difference

Poses and angles can make someone look super fit or not. A model’s stomach might look perfect if they stand at a certain angle, but if they actually sat down, their gut could roll over their pants. It’s why fitness models carefully select their photos before posting.

They Lie About Their Perfect Look

Fitness models may lie about their perfect body shape. It all comes down to how they pose and the lighting in the room. You might find that a model is stretching their legs in an awkward pose, but you’re too busy focusing on their perfect abs to realize they’re posing this way to provide the illusion of washboard abs. So, the bottom line here is, be careful about the people you look up to for fitness inspiration. While you’re at it, love and respect your body, too.