These Are The Best 8 Workout Snacks, According To Trainers

Your body needs to refuel after a workout, but that doesn’t mean you should shovel back all those calories you just burned at the gym. Replenishing your energy after exercising is very important. So, some of the top trainers around the globe are sharing what the best workout snacks are, and not all of them are fans of store-bought protein shakes. In fact, some of these snacks were pretty unexpected but oh-so delicious!

Grilled Chicken With A Drizzle Of Honey


Adam Bornstein, founder of Born Fitness and New York Times best-selling author likes to drizzle a little honey on top of his grilled chicken with white rice and grilled vegetables, like bok choy, peppers and onions. He’ll also top it off with some Sriracha. Is your stomach rumbling yet?

Watermelon And Bananas


Matt Frazier, author of No Meat Athlete and founder of will chow down on half a watermelon or a few bananas. A fruit juice will work just fine in a crunch. He also eats simple carbs like rice and white bread. But plant-based products are what he’ll always prefer to conventional meat-based protein. He explained, “I like to replace sugars immediately after a long workout, ideally within the first few minutes of finishing, so usually that means fruit juice or a half a watermelon or a few bananas. Or sometimes I eat simple carbohydrates, like white bread or rice. It’s about the only time I think refined grains are beneficial.”

Lean Protein And Veggies


Kira Stokes, celebrity trainer and creator of the Stoked Method and Stoked Series classes will have a protein shake right after a workout. An hour later, she’ll refuel some more with snack size portions of veggies and lean protein in order to keep her body going and repair her muscles right after a workout.

Salad Or Eggs


Brian Gallagher, co-founder of Throwback Fitness recommends that you eat clean food items like whole grains, lean protein, healthy fats and plenty of fruits and veggies after a workout. So instead of buying protein powder to make a shake, try eating eggs or a salad after your workout. You’ll feel great, and your muscles will thank you for it.

Homemade Bison Chili

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Nia Shanks, a coach, health and fitness writer, and author of “33 Ways to Break Free from Binge Eating,” suggests making some homemade chili after a workout. It’s loaded with carbs and protein that will fill you up and refuel your muscles. Feel free to try her bison chili recipe here. It looks absolutely delicious!

Rice Cakes And Nut Butter

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Adam Gilbert, who’s the coach and CEO of My Body Tutor, suggests going for rice cakes, which are filled with complex carbs to give you a ton of energy during your workouts. Meanwhile, nut butter will provide a great source of fat and protein. It’s also a low-carb food that contains lots of fiber, and it’s oh-so satisfying too.

Protein Shakes With Amino Acids


Lori-Anne Marchese of Bravo’s Game of Crowns, and CEO of Body Construct Fitness adds a few scoops of branched-chain amino acids supplement powder to her protein shake. Branched-chain amino acids contain leucine, isoleucine, and valine, which plays an essential role in building muscle and decreasing muscle fatigue. She believes it’s important to refuel with these types of shakes within 30 minutes of completing your workout to help muscles recover and repair. She explained that refueling your body “will help with muscle growth to get that lean-looking body. And the more muscle you have the more fat you burn!”

You Can Also Add Some Fruit To Your Shakes

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Crossfit trainer, Erica Giovinazzo explains why mixing a protein shake with some delicious fruit is vital after a grueling workout. “I have a protein shake mixed with fruit. Because our bodies have used up all our glycogen stores after a hard workout and basically all the energy it had, it is important to refuel it with both carbs, which will be absorbed by muscles first, and protein to help prevent the breakdown of muscles for protein. Plus the liquid [form] helps you absorb those nutrients fast,” she said.