The Most Badass Workouts You Can Do From Home (That Are 100% Free)

Chocolate tastes like a little piece of heaven. And sometimes, all you want is a Big Mac and some fries. But nothing tastes better than fitting into your favorite outfit, doesn’t it? Eating healthy and working out go hand in hand. It’s a bit tough at first. But once you get the rhythm of things, you’ll slowly start craving healthier treats and your body will beg you to hit the gym and get a nice workout. But that’s not always a choice. Or is it?

There Are No Excuses

Wouldn’t it be nice to hire a personal trainer to guide your every move? But we all know how expensive that can get. Sometimes, we can’t even afford a gym membership! But don’t let money come between you and your weight loss goals! Getting a nice workout without leaving the house is totally possible. Best of all? These 7 workouts we selected are 100% free! You can have that intense self-love moment you get after kicking butt during a workout, and you can have it in the comfort of your own living room. So, check out some of our favorite calorie-torching workouts that’ll get your heart pumping.

Try PopSugar’s Collab With Simone De La Rue


As if the benefits of cardio workouts aren’t already amazing, Simone De La Rue’s collaboration with PopSugar is literally everything. This 45-minute cardio workout is just perfect for anyone who wants to get a little cardio at home. Simone De La Rue is a former dancer that transformed her career and became a fitness guru. She’s also known as one of Hollywood’s hottest fitness experts, as celebrities and high-profile folks flock to her studio. Simone’s sweat-inducing workout everything you could want and more in a home workout.

Sweaty Betty Presents The “Body by Simone” Dance Cardio Workout


Another fantastic at-home routine that will literally make every inch of your body cry. You can easily find it online, and it’s 100% free. Simone’s Sweaty Betty collaboration is both fun and effective. Simone made sure to bring her love for dance and plastered it all over this incredible workout session. The former dancer extraordinaire has been featured on E!, and on Khloe Kardashian’s Revenge Body Workout. This workout will help you melt away every drop of fat in your already-gorgeous body!

Have Fun Burning 600 Calories in a 60-Minute Workout With Jeanette Jenkins


Cardio workouts have been all the rage for decades, and with good reason! They increase your breathing, heart rate, and boost blood circulation to the brain. This helps you release all those fun endorphins that make us oh-so excited about working out! This video may be 60 minutes long. But Jeanette makes every minute count! She brings it to the table on this calorie-busting session, and it’s one of our ultimate faves.

Tone It Up With Jennifer Lawrence’s Trainer Kit Rich


Jennifer Lawrence has a pretty banging body, don’t you think? Well, her trainer put out a free 45-minute workout video on PopSugar’s YouTube channel. She created one badass sweatfest session that is guaranteed to give you one of the best full body workouts online. This cardio routine will also help you tone up your body, but that’s just the icing on the cake. There is nothing that we love more than an added bonus, and this workout will give you that and so much more!

Christa DiPaolo’s Cardio-Boxing Workout Is Ridiculously Fun!


This hour-long video is completely dedicated to torching some major calories. It’s the perfect workout to bring out the tough-guy in all of us. Boxing is a great way to learn self-defense as well as get in some much-needed cardio. The number of calories you can burn is not listed, but once you’re done with Christa’s intense boxing workout, we guarantee you’ll be gasping for air.

Jeanette Jenkins’ Workout Promises To Burn 500 in 45 Minutes


Again, who doesn’t love a great full-body, 45-minute workout? This killer workout claims to torch some calories, (500 to be exact) and help you stay in shape. That’s great news for anyone who’s pressed for time. You can even squeeze this routine before work, as 45 minutes seems pretty easy to manage. And the best part? It’s also free. Yup!

Coach Bec Wilcock Brings It On In This Badass Nike Bootcamp Workout


Workout gear is fun to shop for, especially since Nike makes the cutest of outfits. But Nike’s got a lot more to offer! In this unbelievably effective workout, coach Bec Wilcock shows you how to get your heartrate up and blast some calories from the comfort of your home. Popsugar united forces with Nike and released a FREE 45-minute bootcamp workout that will help you shed the extra pounds fast. All you’ve got to do now is like, subscribe, and put on your workout gear. What are you waiting for?