The 7 Hottest Workout Trends of 2019 That Will Change The Way You Train

Workout trends are just like technology: they’re everlasting, everchanging, and there are always some weird ones that have people going “What?” While some workout trends are a little out there, others are proven to be quite effective. Not too long ago, people started going crazy over the keto diet. In the beginning, everyone thought it was just another fad diet. But now, dietitians and doctors are jumping onboard the keto train. But when it comes to fitness, things aren’t that different, really. People are slowly starting to realize that you don’t really need a gym membership to lose weight and stay fit. You don’t even need to train hard 6 days per week to tone up and shred. We live in an era where technology and science are at our fingertips. Luckily, there are a bunch of apps and online workout routines that can keep your heart pumping, and some of them are 100% free.

Wearable Tech


Wouldn’t it be nice if technology could find a way to work out for us, so we don’t have to? Yeah, well, we can keep dreaming! But tech has brought us some amazing wearable gadgets that helps us track our progress. If you’re confused about setting goals, keeping track, and accomplishing them, wearable tech is your best friend. A Fitbit can boost your workout morale, as this nifty little gadget will allow you to see the results in real time. It’s kind of like seeing the weight on the scale drop, only this time, you’re looking at the calories drop. Best of all? It’s always on your wrist.

It’s The Motivation


Fitness fads may come and go, but trainers across the world keep promoting these lifesaving tech gadgets that help us stay in control of our fitness goals. Everything from heart monitors, smart watches, fitness trackers, and so many more can help us monitor our efforts. Being able to see those changes after a hard workout is immensely satisfying. Knowing that all that hard work, sweat, and tears is starting to pay off is priceless.

Training in A Group

There is nothing like working out with other people on the same boat as you. Life Time coordinator, Lindsey Corak believes that “working out in a group of people gives us a sense of community,” and she’s definitely right. While working out in front of a bunch of strangers might seem weird at first, group training can actually be quite motivating. You’ll be in a safe workout environment, following an exact routine that will allow you to work your butt off. The fear of messing up while other people are staring will definitely get the juices flowing. Keep in mind that group training is usually packed with a bunch of like-minded people who are just trying to make a change. Use this space as your motivation, and as something that keeps you going on your fitness journey.

HIIT Training


High-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, is an effective way to torch a bunch of calories. This is perfect for people that want to get started really badly but simply can’t find the time to work out. You can get a perfectly effective workout with a HIIT session in just 20 minutes as long as you bring you A-game. And yes, you read that right. Some classes are only twenty-minutes long!

How HIIT Works


These workouts are pretty intense which means you’re going to have to work your butt off. It works off calorie burning cardiorespiratory fitness along with a steady state of cardio. This is a great way to train, particularly if you’re looking to lose a lot of weight.

Personal Trainer


There is nothing wrong with getting a little help! If you have the money to hire someone to teach you their ways, go for it! Trainers are weight loss experts, so if there’s anyone who knows what they’re doing, it’s them! But a lot of people don’t realize that depending on your body type, you might only need a specific routine. Not only that, but for newbies, it’s much safer to start off with a guide who will show you the ropes. Trainers can wipe away the fear of hurting yourself because you aren’t performing a specific workout correctly.

There’s An App For Everything


There is a really popular trend right now when it comes to fitness apps and it doesn’t seem like it’s going away anytime soon. Not only can you track workouts, but you can also stream workouts on your phone! Online workout videos made a huge impact in the fitness community in the last decade, and it’s only going to continue. Not everyone has the time to hire a trainer or hit the gym, go to a class, or even go for a run. Being able to do workouts from your home is just too convenient. You easily find thousands of classes and workout videos on countless one-time payment apps these days. Other apps are subscription-based, but it’s still cheaper than buying a gym membership, right?