Here’s What Simon Pegg Looks Like After Undergoing A Radical Transformation For A New Role

Simon Pegg is best known for playing Scotty in the rebooted “Star Trek” film franchise. You might have also seen him in “Mission Impossible” and “Hot Fuzz”. But a lot of us remember him for playing a runner who was totally out of shape in “Run Fatboy Run.” But now, Pegg looks so fit he’s like a brand-new man and it will have everyone running to the movie theater to watch him when “Inheritance” hits theaters. Here’s what he looks like after his dramatic body transformation.

Pegged Got Ripped


Netizens completely freaked out when personal trainer, Nick Lower, who owns Rebourne Fitness & Nutrition in Hertfordshire, England posted a photo of actor Simon Pegg looking like he had never looked like before. Instead of the regular good-looking funny guy we’re used to seeing, Pegg appeared to be super completely ripped like one of those models we see in men’s magazines. So how did the comedian went from having a dad bod to super fit bod?

The Transformation Was Rad


Pegg was looking rad, but the transformation itself was radical. As you can imagine, it didn’t happen overnight. Pegg had to sweat his butt off, but he also had to stay consistent. After all, you can’t expect to change your entire physique with just a few grueling workouts! In the Instagram caption, Lower wrote that the actor had lost 20 pounds (9 kilos) in only six months. This meant that the actor went from 170 pounds to 150 pounds (78 kilos to 69 kilos). The 49-year-old had also gone from having 12% body fat to 8%. But that’s not all!

It Made Pegg Mildly Grumpy


While the transformation was simply mind-blowing, all that heavy lifting took a toll on the actor, who also retweeted the same photo on Twitter. On the caption, he claimed that his fitness regime was so strict that it led to him to occasionally feeling mild grumpiness. But it’s hard to argue with the 6-month results of Pegg’s hardcore workout routine and diet regime. Nick Lower did a wonderful job. He was able to transform the actor’s body and push him in ways he never thought possible. Pegg’s transformation is so impressive, it had a lot of people doing a double take!

It Required A Specific Body Shape

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Lower also wrote that the reason for this jaw-dropping transformation was because Pegg needed to have a specific body shape for the film “Inheritance,” which also features BBC’s “Les Miserables” star Lily Collins. The film deals with what happens when the patriarch of a powerful family passes away and leaves his wife and daughter with a shocking inheritance that threatens to ruin their lives. If the mysterious plotline doesn’t do it for you, then perhaps, Pegg’s insane body transformation will have you running to a nearby movie theater!

He Wanted It Like This


Lower told Insider that Pegg needed his character to be really lean but defined at the same time. Unfortunately, the change is extreme and not possible to maintain for a long period of time. But that won’t be much of a problem since Pegg has stayed in reasonably good shape most of the time.

Pegg Was Consistent

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Pegg remained consistent with his training and nutrition plan, according to Lower. With the help of good nutrition and a mix of cardio and strength training, Pegg was able to achieve the look he wanted. It also helped that he had a focused mindset and avoided extreme dieting methods.

Best Shape Of His Life


Pegg isn’t the first actor to undergo a major transformation for a movie role, but his super slim body shape really shocked fans in a good way. Naturally, some naysayers might have assumed the photo was photoshopped, but we’re sure that Pegg, who had to undergo this grueling transformation only wishes the process was as easy as clicking a button. Now fans will have a little eye candy to enjoy while watching the upcoming thriller on the big screen.