7 Ways To Eat Healthy While You Travel

Even if you have healthy eating habits at home, traveling can often lead to excess weight and some pretty horrible eating habits. Let’s face it! You’re constantly on the go and enjoying yourself. Understandably, the last thing you want is to waste hours everyday cooking healthy foods inside your Airbnb or hotel. Being away from your kitchen and not knowing where to shop are just a few of the many setbacks that can upset your routine. But you can definitely keep your weight in check while traveling. It only takes a little bit of planning!

Bring Water Everywhere You Go


This is a big one. Keeping a bottle of water with you at all times will guarantee you stay hydrated (especially on those long haul flights), energized and stop you from confusing dehydration with hunger. Taking a reusable bottle with you will stop you from contributing to waste problems, as well. But before you fill it up at your hotel or Airbnb, find out if the tap water is actually drinkable before you go. If it isn’t, keep an eye out for filtered water instead.

Snacks For The Win

Having a supply of snacks can stop you from making really bad decisions based on hunger (or hanger), such as purchasing over-priced meals or being forced to buy easily accessible food, which is often not the healthiest. Stock up on non-perishable snacks like dried fruits, nuts, protein bars, and beef jerky. Flying internationally? Find out what items you can bring into your destination country beforehand and avoid getting held up by customs.

Keep It Simple

There’s a reason why everyone hates airplane food. It’s not the healthiest option out there, and you basically don’t have much of a say. Instead of forcing yourself to chow down something you hate, make a large salad instead. Pack some extra snacks or simply make a sandwich before you leave home. That way you’ll be guaranteed to have something you actually enjoy eating and you won’t be tempted with those calorie-dense, nutrient low options.

Up Your Fruits And Veggie Consumption

This should be the golden rule whether you’re travelling or not. Adding more fruits and veggies to your plate is an easy way to ensure you’ve filled up with nutrients, vitamins, and fiber, instead of processed carbohydrates or fattening desserts. Take this up a notch by keeping it seasonal and local. Somewhere tropical? Try fruits like papaya, guayaba, and mango which may not get at home! Somewhere cold? Get those roasted veggies in!

Moderation Is Key

Treating yourself because you’re on holiday can seem like no big deal. After all, you’re in great spirits and you feel like celebrating. But overindulging and snacking on too many treats can lead to packing on the pounds, especially if you’re traveling for a while or you’re not maintaining your exercise routine. Indulge, but remember to keep it in moderation. And if you feel like you overdid it, go for a walk until your feet are sore from walking!

Always Research Ahead

Spending a little time scoping out the area ahead of time could mean discovering that amazing juice bar around the corner that you would’ve missed because you turned right instead of left. Staking out a place will allow you to discover that incredible local taco stand that has the freshest fish, that is tucked down the alley by the port. Without a plan, you’re likely to resort to convenience snacks, fast food, takeout, or street food which might not give you a real taste of the local delicacies.

Befriend The Locals

Speaking of locals, make sure you chat with a few! Maybe that taco stand is well known on travel sites, but there’s a better place down the way that only the locals know about. Befriend the staff wherever you’re staying at (or even your Airbnb host) and get the inside scoop on what the locals are eating and loving for a truly authentic travel experience.