6 Easy Steps To Keep Your Weight In Check (For Good!)

Losing 15, 25, or even 50 pounds sounds like a dream come true, and for many a difficult one to achieve. It’s why so many of us have a tough time keeping our weight in check. It almost feels like you can ruin your entire weight loss efforts in a week! But the reason why we can’t seem to keep our weight in check isn’t because we went for that second slice of cake at a birthday party. Sometimes we put on a few pounds just by not being aware of how much food we’re actually eating. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways you can lose the weight and keep it off without all the blood, sweat and tears that go with extreme diet and exercise.

Be Aware Of Portions And Snacking


When you eat something that isn’t a full meal or even a snack, do you do it because you’re anxious or bored? Do you feel like you’re giving in to a subconscious impulse? Are you really hungry for that item you just grabbed or are you just eating it because it was there? Ask yourself these questions and remember that over time, mindless snacking like licking the peanut butter off a butter knife or eating the dust crumbs left inside a bag of chips can have a significant impact on your weight.

You Need To Stay Active


Being active isn’t about going to the gym every day and burning off 600 calories. It’s about finding ways to move around more during the day. So, consider walking to work or pacing around while you talk to someone on the phone. You can even use a stand-up desk. Yes, it’s true! Standing is another way of staying active. Our mind is blown! It definitely beats laying on the couch all day eating chips and chocolates, which can cause your weight to skyrocket.

Get Support


Eating is a social activity, and we often find ourselves pressured to eat more when we meet a group of friends for dinner after work. It’s why you need to have external support from a group of people who know you’re trying to stay healthy or lose a few pounds. They’ll help you avoid temptations when you put in your order or even choose a restaurant that has a ton of healthy options. Ask a buddy to go grocery shopping with you. That way you’ll feel guilty if you reach for a candy bar instead of a salad. But even if you don’t, they’ll be able to stop you from making a mistake before you get to the register.

Check In With Yourself Every Quarter


Make a list of the things you did that helped you shed some pounds. Did you cut out sugar completely? Did you run a mile every morning before work? Did you switch to a vegetarian diet? Did you only eat soup for dinner? Did you try going keto for a few weeks? Once you’ve written all that down, save it. Then, about every three months or so, check in with yourself. Are you still the same weight? Did the number go down or did it go up? Have you been maintaining those habits that helped you lose weight in the first place? If you said no, that’s okay. Just recommit yourself to your goals and check back in the next quarter. Weight loss is a journey after all!

Set Realistic Goals


Do you exercise regularly and diet but you can’t seem to reach your goal weight? Well, it could be that your body may not agree with your goal. Maybe it has its own goal weight. You could be at the right number, and not even know it. If you can’t maintain your weight while eating a normal diet, then you’re probably not at your body’s ideal weight. But you might want to check with a dietician so you can know for sure what that ideal number is.

Do Regular Strength Training


We get that we said earlier that extreme exercising isn’t necessary when trying to lose weight or maintaining your ideal weight, but you should consider some form of exercise. While doing cardio or HIIT is an incredible way to lose weight, we absolutely recommend regular strength training. It not only builds and maintains muscle mass, but it also burns a number of calories when you rest. Doing resistance training and weight lifting three times a week will keep your weight and muscle mass in check. If you follow these tips you can lose fat, keep it off and still enjoy some of the foods you love.