Object of the Game

  1. To get Fitter

  2. To coach others to get fitter (just cheer them on)

How to Start

  • Pay your subs - someone’s got to run the site :(

  • Join FitLadder by getting your Fitmark (it’s like throwing the dice at the start of a game)

  • Create your own dream-team ladder - playing on your own is sad ☹, so at least 4!

    • Invite others to join (via email, Facebook); ideally those you spend most time with – friends, family, colleagues and people you want to help.

    • Search for heroes/people you admire on Fitladder and “Follow” them to add them to your ladder

    How to Play

    • Test your Fitmark every 2 months (more often if you’re keen!)

    • Complete your Training Plan to climb the ladder

    • Accept “coach” offers – support others


    The penalty for failing to keep up with play is - get dropped to “Zero”!!!! (Chill! Just take your Fitmark again).

    Bonus Plays...

    • Take part in Challenges

    • Get on board to see who can improve their fitness by the greatest amount over a 14 week period and win the FITIN14 CHALLENGE CUP

    • Earn Extra Bonus Badges