Are you a Health & Fitness business, or sports association?

Do you want to offer your members a better service?

Do you want to engage your members every day?

Do you want to win new members?

Your branded Fitladder site helps your members to change their health habits and gives them the reassurance that they are measurably improving their health and fitness, which demonstrates that their money is well-spent. It also acts as a platform to help you to grow your membership through their networks of friends.

Benefits to your business

  • A new-member attraction system via your existing members’ social networks

  • A platform for automating the management of health behaviours, and maximising your member’s capacity for improvement based on the science of health behaviour change

  • An industry standard test giving one total score for fitness based on the ACSM’s 5 components

  • Gives a measure of health improvement, providing you with great marketing material

  • Ability to compare fitness with others, opening up fitness improvement competitions appealing to employers and government.

  • Created in collaboration with Glasgow Caledonia University

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